A Simple Guide to the Forefoot Step - Natural Walking

After my book on natural walking has been quite a success in Germany I decided to also publish it in english language. :) Don´t worry I had a team of natives at hand who did a great job translating the original into an as easy and fun to read english version.

Learn the functional gait pattern – the forefoot step – and discover a new you. Get rid of the various causes of foot problems or back pain and feel more agile, mobile, dynamic and endurable – and all that in a completely natural way.Additionally, you’ll improve your posture and can score with your great appearance. Learn all about it in this book. Written in an easy-to-read and accessibleway and packed with photos and exercises to get you started on the spot.

The book should be available at any national Amazon store as a print and e-book version as well as in the Apple i-Book store. For sure you will find it directly at the publishers website. Just follow this link.

(I just got word from my publisher that the kindle-version is not available on the US market. Some technical mambojambo seems to be the reason. I deeply apologize from this inconvinience. UK might be a source to get it. Print version is available though. Sorry for that.)

If you are a Blogger or publisher of any kind of topic related magazine or newspaper and you would like to publish a short book review, just let me know. I will arrange a free print version for you. Contact me via info(@)equilibriumstate.de.

What international experts say about the book:

"I've been teaching people to run with a fore-foot-first landing for decades, and to incorporate the same concepts when walking to help eliminate many common foot problems, such as Plantar  Fasciitis, etc.. "A Simple Guide to the Forefoot Step" by Dirk Beckman, explains the application of the fore-foot step to walking in wonderful detail.
Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton, co-author "Barefoot Running Step by Step" (2011), and founder of the original Running Barefoot website (1997) barefootrunning.com

"This wunderful little book is enchanting easy to read and has sound contend at the same time. A elegant piece of work indeed"
Dr. biol.hum. Dipl.Psych. Robert Schleip, international Rolfing Instructor, Feldenkrais Teacher, Ulm/München, www.somatics.de

“Dirk Beckmann's approach to forefoot walking is clearly laid out, beautifully presented, and easily accessible by the lay person”

Thomas Myers, author of "Anatomy Trains" (Elsevier 2001, 2009) and "Fascial release for Structural Balance" (North Atlantic 2010), www2.anatomytrains.com

"I enjoyed Dirk's book. While training resilience and adaptability during a healing process, I often teach clients to "walk silently like a Ninja". Leave it to clear German logic to simply call it the "forefoot step". I appreciate that I can recommend Dirk's book as an easy-to-read take-home learning tool for the process."
Aaron Gustafson LMT, CAMT II a.k.a.: Psoas, Portland/Oregon, USA, www.transcendbodywork.com

"Dirk Beckmann’s The Forefoot Step is a helpful book. I recommend it to patients that will benefit from increased awareness of their own gait patterns, and through practice of the forefoot step, cultivate new, less-impactful habits of function and gait. "

Dr. Ray McClanahan DPM, Natural Sports Podiatrist,
Portland/Oregon, USA, www.nwfootankle.com

"This book provides the missing piece to moving safely, efficiently, gracefully, and powerfully, 24/7"
"Mountain" Evan Chang, www.theprimalproffessional.com, California, USA (full review

"Just some light reading compliments of and his book
 LemsShoes, www.lemsshoes.com, (Twitter-Statement-Source)

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